• Question 1 : How can I learn about honeybees and become a beekeeper?
The best way to learn about honeybees and become a beekeeper in the Sligo, Leitrim region, is to join the Sligo, Leitrim Beekeepers Association. The Federation of Irish beekeepers association (FIBKA) library has a range of books and DVDs, which can be used as an extra source of information.

  • Question 2: What equipment do I need to start keeping honey bees?
The main equipment that you need to start beekeeping is a hive, which is composed of a floor (Mesh floor preferred), brood box, brood frames and frame foundation, crown board, honey super (one super should do in your first year), super frames and foundation (wired foundation preferred for spun honey) roof and feeder (1 gallon feeder should suffice). In-relation to protective clothing and other equipment, you will need a bee suit, gloves, Wellington boots, smoker and hive tool. To get information on obtaining a stock of honey bees contact the Sligo, Leitrim Beekeepers Association.

  • Question 3: Can the Sligo, Leitrim region support honeybees?


Yes, the Sligo, Leitrim region has a huge floral diversity, which is vital for the survival of honeybees and the production of a honey crop. Sources of nectar and pollen are such plants as white clover, blackberry, hawthorn, heather, dandelion, rapeseed, sycamore, horse chestnut, ivy and fruit trees.

  • Question 4:  Do I need to buy a honey spinner and honey filter when starting off beekeeping?


No, as a member of the Sligo, Leitrim Beekeepers Association you will have access to this equipment.

  • Question 5: Where can I put my new hive?


You can keep a hive in the smallest of gardens, however you must ensure that the flight path of your bees do not disturb your neighbours, as if your bees flight path is disturbed, it may lead to people getting stung. Contact the Sligo, Leitrim beekeepers association for advice.

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